Whilst we love to promote sustainable travel options, sometimes the only option is to travel by car

However, with the cost of fuel fluctuating and everyone growing more environmentally-conscious, it’s always worth considering how you might save money, whilst doing your bit for the planet. There are ways that you can still use a car without having to own one, and without having to drive alone.

Join the (car) club

At Victoria Gardens, you will have a car club vehicle on your doorstep, making it easier than ever to make use of a car when you need one, without having to own one.

A car club is a short-term self-service car rental scheme that offers you convenient access to a car when you need it. Cars can be booked for as little as an hour using a handy mobile app, allowing you to jump right in and be on your way.

Car Share

Share your journey and halve your costs! Liftshare.com is a national journey matching website that enables you to search for others looking to car share. It’s easy and free to register and search for someone to share with, you don’t have to share every day and you can opt to share as a driver or a passenger.

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